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The leading physical therapy clinic in Lamar, CO

If you have ever had a stroke, joint injury or some other condition that caused you to lose some or all of your functional movement, you would most likely have been referred to a physical clinic. At Physical Therapy Plus Inc we have the qualifications and experience to treat an extensive range of conditions and we have an impeccable reputation as the best outpatient physical therapy clinic in Lamar, CO.

State-of-the-art equipment

At Physical Therapy Plus Inc we use state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment to get you moving again. We also have a range of equipment at our physical therapy clinic that are designed to encourage correct posture, support, to help alleviate current problems and prevent reoccurrence in the future.

Extended care

Our treatment techniques are based on proven scientific research, clinical experience, and continuing education. Call Physical Therapy Plus Inc today to make an appointment or visit our physical therapy clinic in Lamar. We can help you, no matter what your goal is.

Specialized treatments

We can help you recover from a variety of conditions and disorders, including whiplash, sport injuries and any other issues affecting the musculoskeletal system. We also work with elderly patients who need physical therapy following surgery, for arthritic pain, or for muscle or joint pain.
The best way to determine what kind of pain you are experiencing – and what you can do about it -- is to contact us for a consultation. During that time, we can assess the best course of action for you to take. Call us today in Lamar to schedule your meeting – and to get your life back on track!
therapist helping patient with physical therapy in Lamar, CO
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