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Leading outpatient physical therapy clinic in Lamar, CO

There are very limited outpatient physical therapy providers in Southeast Colorado and Physical Therapy Plus has been providing consistent outstanding physical therapy services to patients for almost 25 years with proven results. Physicians from Denver, Parker, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, La Junta and Springfield as well as many Physicians from surrounding states have witnessed those results and recognize that the best choice for their patients who reside in this area is to receive their physical therapy services from Kent Madsen, PT at Physical Therapy Plus, Inc. in Lamar, CO.
As a valued patient of Physical Therapy Plus, Inc., you are evaluated and a specialized treatment and exercise plan is designed for your individual diagnosis. Your progress is re-evaluated at every appointment by the Physical Therapist and the exercise program and treatment plan is adjusted and revised if necessary. At Physical Therapy Plus, Inc. you will see the same physical therapist at every appointment and you will never see a physical therapy assistant. Kent Madsen, PT assesses/reassess every patient at every appointment. The combination of exercise and treatment along with consistent personalized hands on treatment by Kent Madsen, PT ensures success and has been the source of thousands of successful patient outcomes since 1989.
Dealing with the effects of this historic drought and bad economy coupled with rising health insurance premiums and deductibles forces the patient to become a savvy consumer of health care. We urge you to consider your choices. Medication, procedures or surgeries are options that are normally utilized by physicians to treat many conditions, and while those choices are often needed, on many occasions conservative measures can alleviate the problem more cost effectively. Become an educated consumer of health care services. Do some comparison shopping…contact the available providers and ask questions. Find out what services are provided, who you will see at each visit and what you will be charged for each service. After receiving all the information, you make the choice, and remember…THE CHOICE IS YOURS!
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At Physical Therapy Plus Inc we use state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience treating all kinds of injuries. We specialize in:
• Sports medicine
• Orthopedic
• Manual therapy
• Aquatic therapy
• Stroke & neuromotor rehabilitation
• Wound Care
Our ultimate goal is to get you moving again and to teach you how to maintain lasting results. Call our professional physical therapy clinic in Lamar to make an appointment.

Our team

At Physical Therapy Plus Inc, you will have one primary physical therapist, Kent Madsen, P.T. who will work together with you to achieve your desired results. By moving at a pace that’s comfortable for you, we will ensure that you meet your goals.
Once your initial complaint has been treated and any pain or discomfort has been reduced to a manageable level, our physical therapy clinic is committed to providing the right advice and tools necessary to continue to improve your condition and prevent future problems. We welcome you to call us for more information or to ask any questions that you may have. When it comes to your health, we’re here to help!
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